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Vineyards Like This DISGUST ME

Exploring the devastating effects of soil erosion, loss of biodiversity, and chemical use in wine production— and what you can do to avoid them.

  • Soil Erosion
  • ZERO Biodiversity
  • Clear use of Herbicides and Pesticides

This is ruining the wine, the land, and your health.

Here's why, and how, to avoid these wines. 🤔🍷🧵

Soil erosion is destroying farmland across the USA. 🌱

  • Barren space between rows let wind and water strip topsoil.
  • Topsoil takes centuries to build but can be destroyed in years. 🌍

📉 75 billion tons of fertile soil are lost annually, threatening future generations. 🍇💔

What's behind these barren vineyard rows? Herbicides. 🚫🌿

Glyphosate, a notorious weed-killer, stays in the soil, harming the environment and your health.

Linked to hormone disruption, reproductive issues, and cancer, glyphosate is found at alarming levels in many wines. 🍇💔

Biodiversity is key to a healthy vineyard. 🌿🐞

Planting diverse cover crops stabilizes the soil and reduces erosion.

It also attracts beneficial insects and animals. Studies show cover crops can reduce pest populations by up to 50%, meaning less need for pesticides. 🦠🌾

A thriving ecosystem leads to cleaner, healthier grapes and wine. 🍇🍷

Native plants enhance soil health and promote biodiversity at Peony Lane Wine.

We avoid herbicides and pesticides because we live here, ensuring fertile land for future generations and pure wine for you. 🍇

It's hard to know where your grapes come from; get to know your winemaker.

At Peony Lane, we commit to sustainable practices, not just to sell more wine, but because our family will live and work on our vineyard for generations.

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