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Vintner's Select 6

The Vintner's Select 6, is a 6 bottle wine-pack selected by Vintner Ben Justman that reflects his opinion on which of his wines are drinking the best Right Now.

Currently it contains:
2x Pinot Noir 2022
2x Tempranillo 2021
2x Sovereignon Blanc 2023

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Bitcoin and wine

Walker - THE Bitcoin Podcast

WINE & BITCOIN - Ben Justman (Bitcoin Talk on THE Bitcoin Podcast)

On this Bitcoin Talk episode of THE Bitcoin Podcast, Walker talks with Ben Justman (of Peony Lane Wine)Ben shares his journey of becoming a Bitcoiner/winemaker and the unique process of making wine in Colorado. He discusses the parallels between making wine and Bitcoin, the importance of low time preference, and making wine the natural way.

Rabbit Hole Stories

Ben Justman

In today’s episode, we spoke with Ben Justman, the founder and owner of Peony Lane, a winery in Colorado. During our chat, we spoke about Ben’s journey into winemaking, why his dad was such an influence, and why he’s seeking the slower life in Colorado.

The Intentional Living Podcast

TILP #11: Low time preference business & money w/ Ben Justman

In this episode, Jim is joined with/by Ben Justman. Ben is the founder of Peony Lane which is a natural winemaking company. He relays the story of how his business got started, his journey in discovering Bitcoin and how his business uses it, and other things regarding his life and business values.

High Altitude

At 5680' our vineyard produces the Highest Elevation natural wine in North America

Natural Wine

Natural wine emphasizes minimal intervention, sustainable practices, and organic farming, resulting in unique flavors and a healthier, more authentic product.

FAmily Owned

As a second-generation family-owned vineyard, we care as deeply about keeping nasty chemicals out of our vineyard as you do about keeping them out of your wine.

Wild Fermentation

Healthy soil, ample biodiversity, and minimal chemicals are required to promote quality natural yeasts. These yeasts ensure our wine has the complex flavors that truly reflect our unique terroir.

Minimal Sulfites

We use meticulous grape sourcing, gentle handling, and careful cellar practices. While all wines naturally contain sulfites, we add only a minimal amount at bottling for aging stability.

No Toxic Additives

Wines can contain up to 73 hidden chemical additives. At Peony Lane, we use only a touch of sulfites for aging stability, keeping our wine pure and natural.

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