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2021 Satoshi's Reserve

Cabernet Sauvignon

Satoshi’s Reserve, a limited edition release by Peony Lane, expresses Bitcoin’s beauty in Wine form. Though it may not seem apparent on the surface, Bitcoin and Natural Wine have a lot in common. Just as Satoshi guided Bitcoin through its early days and left it to its own devices, a Natural Winemaker’s job is to shepherd the grapes through fermentation and barrel aging before bottling them to become whatever nature intended them to be. Minimal Intervention Wine, meet Minimal Intervention Money.

Vintner, Ben Justman selected Satoshi’s Reserve from the finest barrel of Cabernet Sauvignon from his celebrated ‘21 Vintage. Each of these 210 bottles is numbered and signed.

Bottle #'s will be released in Reverse Order and sold First Come, First Served.

Special Thanks:

Asanoha - For Initial Concept Design

Nate Huey - Label Art and Design

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