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The Ultimate Wine Experience: Why You Need to Try Our 2020 Oaked Chardonnay

The Unique Blend of Terroir, Skin Fermentation, and Hungarian Oak that Sets This Wine Apart – only 30 bottles left!

A Unique Stand in the Wine Community

The 2020 Oaked Chardonnay comes with an intriguing backstory: the State refused to judge it in competition, stating that it "lacked varietal character".

Despite this, natural wine lovers who have delved into the Peony Lane cellar believe it to be the best among our offerings. Its uniqueness is what sets it apart, embracing a style that defies traditional expectations and celebrates individuality.

Welcome to the world of our 2020 Oaked Chardonnay, where traditional winemaking meets a playful twist!

A Creative Take on Winemaking

Our journey starts with an unusual choice for a white wine: skin fermentation. This technique keeps the grape skins in contact with the juice longer than usual, enhancing the wine’s color, flavor, and texture. This gives our Chardonnay a delightful complexity and a fuller body that’s both unexpected and enchanting.

Next up, we age our wine in Hungarian oak barrels, a lesser-known but fantastic choice that subtly enhances the wine without dominating it. This oak imparts a hint of spice and a dash of vanilla, perfectly complementing the vibrant fruitiness of the wine.

Flavor Profile: Bold and Refreshing

Pour a glass and be greeted by aromas of warm spices mingled with lush tropical fruit. Each sip delivers a lively acidity, keeping the palate refreshed and engaged.

What Sets This Wine Apart

Our 2020 Oaked Chardonnay is not just any white wine; it’s a testament to innovation in winemaking. The unique approach of using Hungarian oak and skin fermentation not only sets this wine apart but also creates a memorable tasting experience that defies the ordinary. It's a bold statement in the world of wine, celebrated by those who cherish uniqueness and complexity in their glass.

Perfect for any occasion that calls for a special toast, this wine promises to bring a touch of fun and sophistication to your table.

With only 30 bottles left, don’t miss your chance to experience this unique blend!


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2020 Oaked Chardonnay

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