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North America's Highest Elevation Natural Pinot Noir is BACK

From frost to fruition, experience the revival

After a devastating freeze wiped out our 2021 crop, these resilient vines surged back to yield the finest wine in Peony Lane’s 20-year history. 🍇🍷

Farming in the Highest Elevation Wine Region in North America is RISKY.

At 5680 ft, snow-capped peaks surround us, sending cold air rushing into our valley.

Normally, this limits pests and creates vibrant wines, but in 2021, disaster struck. ❄️

In just 12 hours, the temperature plummeted 60°F.

14°F is usually manageable, but as the first freeze of the year, the vines had no chance to harden for winter.

Colorado growers lost 80% of their grape crop in 2021. My family lost 100%. 💔

A year without fruit production charged the vines with pent-up energy.

This rare phenomenon is what makes my 2022 Vintage so special.

That energy is concentrated into the grapes, resulting in two years of vitality bottled into one extraordinary wine. 🍷

Due to the vines' intense recovery process, our 2022 Vintage is exceptionally limited.

This unique vintage is a rare opportunity.

Secure your bottle now at 🍷

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